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C&P league!!!

Please contact League Officers (below) with CPSL questions.
Please contact 
Kirsten Landeryou with
website updates (meet notices, team contacts, etc.)

C&P League Officers for 2013-2014 Season:

President                     Jamie Wright

Vice President          Andrew Donnelly (alternate email)

Treasurer                    Chris Burnett

Co-Secretary            Diane Askounes

Co-Secretary            Nancy Pressly

South District Committee:
Jamie Wright (CUY)
Lucy Burnett (CCY)
Scott McIntire (MDY)

CPSL Alignment Committee:
Jim Hutcheson (SPY)
Bill Hendrix (CECY)



3/18/14:  A PDF Results file and the Meet Manager Backup file from 2014 District Meet has been posted on the Meet Results page.  David Blake emailed Meet Results (Meet Manager files) in ZIP format to each team, and these will be posted (also on Meet Results page) as soon as possible for those who can not receive ZIP attachments via email. 

3/5/14:  Towson 8&U Championship Mini Meet Results are available for download on the Meet Results page.

2/27/14:  A PDF results file and the hytek file (for coaches) has been posted on the Meet Results page.  You can also go to the 2014 C&P Meet page at for these files and more.   

2/21/14:  From Jamie and Andrew:  No league meeting will be held during/after the C&P Sub District Meet this weekend.  A separate meeting will be held in accordance with everyone's summer schedules.  Please bring your calendars to the District meet as we will discuss a time and a place for League Meeting then. 

1/17/14:  The Top 25 times report for the league is now available, please see the Meet Results page.  Please email team manager results files for any meets that are not included in this report to

10/30/13:  All Team Rosters received have been posted on the Team Rosters page.  Check your email from for the username and password to access this secure page or request using this email address.

10/15/13:  Teams page contains a new table with contact information for Western Wahoos and Brandywine, the current and former hosts of the Districts meet.

8/19/13:  Handouts from the August 17, 2013 League meeting have been posted:  


2011-2012 Black Book